Vol 2, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents

Oxford Journal: An International Journal of Business & Economics

Managing University Support to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs PDF
Carlo Vallini, Christian Simoni
British and American Attitudes Toward Buying Online PDF
Bijou Yang, David Lester, Simon James
Population Ageing and Sectoral Growth: The Case of the U.K., 2006-2026 PDF
David K. Foot, Rafael Gomez
The Effect of Board Strength on Managerial Persistence: A Longitudinal Study of Problem Loans PDF
David E. Olson
The Effect of Political and Economic Institutions on the Value Relevance of Accounting Information: The Case of China PDF
Shwu Hsing Wu, Canri Chan, Tzu-Chuan Kao
The Perceived Risks of IT Outsourcing: An Exploratory Comparison of Large MNC & SME’s PDF
Atul Gupta, Joe Carroll, Pat Gatti, Eric Greiner
Tax Policy for small and Medium Enterprises PDF
Georgi Smatrakalev
Budget Balance and Trade Balance: Kin or Strangers A Case Study of Taiwan PDF
Hsiao-chuan Chang
Explaining the gender wage gap: Is culture the missing link? PDF
Jean-Luc E. Grosso, Teresa L. Smith
The Effect of French and Raven Power on knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Creation and knowledge Sharing: An Empirical Investigation in Lebanese Organizations PDF
Silva Karkoulian, Yasmine Osman
Productivity, Product Differentiation and Profitability: A Comparison between the Chemical and the Textile Industries in Greece PDF
Zoe Ventoura, Ioannis Neokosmidis, Anastasios Theofilou
Determinants of Financial Leverage: An Empirical Analysis of Textile and Apparel Firms PDF
Anusua Datta, D.K. Malhotra, Philip Russel