Vol 1, No 1 (2006)

Table of Contents

Oxford Journal: An International Journal of Business & Economics

Asymmetric Information, Moral Hazard and Management Behavior: A Preliminary Look PDF
Farhad F. Ghannadian, Victoria E. Johnson
Banks’ Efficiency and Share Prices in an Emerging Market: A DEA Window Analysis Approach PDF
Fadzlan Sufian, Muhd-Zulkhibri Abdul Majid
Approaches to Decision Support Systems at Traditional Firms in the US and China: Which Side Has Fared Better? PDF
Myron GuptaSheu, Wang C. Wong, Zhiyuan Xu
The Influence of IT on Organizational Agility in Malaysia PDF
Mohamed Zain, Norizan M. Kassim, Maslin Masrom
Gender Differences in the Cultural Values of Multinational Audit Firms: Australian Evidence PDF
Carolyn A. Windsor, Ron Dagwell
Strategic Thinking and Leadership: Comparing Business Leaders and MBA Students in Western Australia PDF
Alan Simon, Gerald LaCava
The Probability of Informed Trading and the Performance of Stock in an Order-Driven Market PDF
AtulTai Ma, Ming-hua Hsieh, Jang-hung Chen
Europe versus Asia - Future of Tourism Trade PDF
Chau Jo Vu, Lindsay Turner
Conditional Volatility in the Brazilian Mutual Funds PDF
Alessandro de Castro Corrêa, Carlos Machado-Santos