Used Car: What’s The Use? A Philippine Experience Of Japan Surplus Vehicles

Chiu Candy Lim


Philippine is known as the fourth automotive industrialized countries in ASEAN.  Currently, it is also making its way as secondmajor importer of used cars from Japan with US$47 million in value.  As the world becoming borderless for free flow of goods, influx of used cars is flooding the country since mid-1998, answering the relentless demand for low-value vehicles.  However, the sector remain to be infantile making the used car sector wondering, is the Philippine economy ready to accept its presence in the automobile sector? The main objective of the study is to propose definite actions on the well-being of used car market in the Philippines by providing a deeper understanding of Philippine scenarios of used car market, what is the industry all about, how is being done, and what might be done to buffer some edges in its existence in the automobile industry.  The study focused on Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) as the leading Philippine used car hub with operation increasing multi-fold over the year 1999-2001.  If stakeholders come to pay more attention to the good point of used car sector, the whole industry’s image and performance could be strengthen and develop.

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